Copywriter Michelle Stewart

Copywriter Michelle Stewart


Ideas RIP

Every year, Jaguar’s car designers dream of turning their concept car designs into a reality.
Problem is, only one car will make the podium at the Pompidou Centre in Paris.

That means 99% of the designs won’t cross the finishing line. It’s a big enough statistic for us to commiserate and appreciate Jaguar’s talented designers for all their hard work.

In addition to work displayed at the gallery, we’ll running an experiential teaser campaign, consisting of 3 life-size car models, made out of ‘tombstone’ as a mark of respect for their conceptual passing.

The Mini is a car for the boys, make it a car for the girls.

Our 'off the peg and on the road’ campaign, was advertised in women’s magazines as an iconic, fashion accessory.

The campaign generated news in the national papers. My partner Mel and I received a Cannes Silver Lion & a Clio, and the girls had a mini they were proud to be seen in.

This was the follow-up Mini Campaign that addressed both sexes and again did well at the Cannes awards.

The brief was ‘to actively push the Mini’s limited design editions', so copy took a back seat.

Create the ultimate ‘April fool’ press ad for BMW.

Thanks to BMW being at the forefront of technical innovation, it was time to easily fool potential car buyers with this concept. We went with a full page ad, hoping to convince drivers they didn’t need glasses while driving, since the front of their windscreen could be made to suit each individual’s eyewear prescription.

Several genuine BMW customer requests for the windscreen to be made to their specific visionary specifications.

The real nugget however, was the BMW ‘April Fool’ anti-track system commercial.

This ‘one day only’ offer actually made the TV news in America. And it put a smile on our faces as my partner and I were juniors at the time and it was our first TV commercial.

Here it is…

Copy enhanced so you don't require glasses!

The Rosneath family business prides itself on delivering top quality service 24/7.

All I had to do was to make sure the tone of the copy was humble and honest, just like the Rosneaths.

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