Copywriter Michelle Stewart

Copywriter Michelle Stewart


The London Ambulance Service
A speculative campaign to attract the right kind of people to join the London Ambulance Service.

The Solution
Key messaging in outdoor locations. Can the candidates think on their feet? Can they improvise and make use of objects around them? Will they be prepared for whatever each day brings?

The Brief:
Show travellers that Virgin Trains is the best way of travelling from A to B.

The Solution:
We hired an actor to stand in Heathrow’s arrivals & departure point with fake name cards advertising the virtues of travelling by train.

The Result:
The Virgin Train client was a brave client who allowed us to do this stunt. It was the first time an advertiser had ever used a name card to carry advertising. Many brands now advertise on name cards today but I’m proud my partner and I were the first to do so.

Nescafe makes your day event


Jaguar wants the people of Paris to see their concept car, I wanted them to realise that the Jaguar designers went to great lengths to deliver it to them.

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