Copywriter Michelle Stewart

Copywriter Michelle Stewart


Yorkshire Means the World

ActionAid’s first ever regional fundraising campaign was born and bred in Leeds, Yorkshire. Chosen because data showed Leeds to be the most generous city in the UK. (No lie, I was born in Leeds and I am just presenting you with the facts.)

The campaign thanked the people of Yorkshire for their continuous support: inclusive of cash donations, gathered prospect data, and upped awareness of ActionAid within community groups.

Case studies told stories of children around the world sponsored by the generous people in Yorkshire.

The campaign covered a wide range of media: direct mail, radio advertising, a Yorkshire Supporters Day, an ActionAid Festival and Yorkshire Walks the World…a family-friendly one-mile walk around Roundhay Park in Leeds.

Print coverage: Yorkshire Post, Yorkshire Evening Post, The Leeds Guide and Wakefield Express. Broadcast media coverage included Pulse Radio, BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio York and ITV Calendar.

At the time of writing, 800 new sponsors have signed up.

Influential people

On Sept 12th, the World Trade Organisation Conference takes place in Cancun, Mexico.
It’s the day world leaders decide whether the rules of world trade need changing.

They do.

Currently these rules are the major cause of world poverty.

The Make Trade Fair petition requests people to add their names to the half a million Oxfam already have, then we can change the world trade rules for good.

No Penis

The client had a small budget so our ad had to work extremely hard to be noticed.

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