Copywriter Michelle Stewart

Copywriter Michelle Stewart


Women@Sky is a network of over 1000 people providing opportunities for women to connect across the business. Sharing experiences, developing and providing the inspiration via role models, within and outside of Sky. So, if we have an idea it pays to share it.

The Body Shop

‘Yummy Mummy’s Day’

In our DNA

A fundamental part of Sky’s identity, is first and foremost as a fan. Proud of its sporting heritage, the passion for sport is forever in Sky’s DNA – just as the desire to play sport flows through a player’s veins.

That’s the thinking behind “It’s in our blood it’s in theirs too’, which we proposed for a Premier League promotion. It eventually came to light in a video promo for the British & Irish Lions Tour, and the poster is replicated here.

Not exactly a promo, but a one-off poster promoting a worthy cause.

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