Copywriter Michelle Stewart

Copywriter Michelle Stewart


The Brief
This was the first time Interflora had tasked an agency to advertise solely to men.
And as the agency’s sole girl team, my partner and I, created a campaign which gave us some lovely industry accolades.

The Solution
We knew the excitement of getting flowers was in the ‘not knowing’ who sent them. And the real joy…opening the envelope to discover who it was.

It was innovative in its positioning too, as we attached the envelope to the GQ magazine page.

The Result
The credit card-size messages, with Interflora’s number on fitted neatly inside men’s wallets. Boosting Interflora’s sales almost three-fold.

A series of invitations aimed at the private collectors market.


A DM piece that was part of a new business pitch win for the Bathstore account. There’s always warm and cold leads when it comes to sales directives and it was that little insight that provided the inspiration.

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