Copywriter Michelle Stewart

Copywriter Michelle Stewart

Beauty: Men & Women

Wilkinson Sword

Sell the Wilkinson Sword range of razors to an all male audience.

My solution was to devise a fun questionnaire that aligned the features of the four razors with the characteristics of the males they’d appeal to.

My e-newsletter generated 86% click through, and a 40% increase in razor purchases.

A UK promotion for The Body Shop to celebrate Mother’s Day while working in-house. A mother is more than just a mother, she’s a nurse, a chauffeur, a miracle worker, a time keeper…

…Women are also guardians, sisters, step-mothers and grandmothers. It’s a day to appreciate the warm, and nurturing values of every woman!

FMCG: Impulse – Larger than Life Campaign

My art director and I spent 3 weeks in New York (staying at the Paramount hotel, during fashion week!) to shoot our Impulse, ‘Larger than life’ cinema ad and press campaign.

We inspired and built up the confidence of our 14-year-old target market, giving them giant-size personalities which led to an increase in sales and product awareness by 60%.


In keeping with our ‘Larger than Life Campaign', we made the product range reflect the size of a large window!

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